May 7, 2019 – Chat n Craft

Our class is going to be making a small Dream Catcher. Here is a picture showing the supplies that are used –

Notice there are different size metal hoops you can buy. We recommend a 5 or 7 inch for the class so you can get it completed during our meeting. Decide what color you want yours to be and what type of cording, pearl cotton thread, waxed cotton, embroidery floss, yarn, etc that you want to use. You will need a couple of clothes pin during the making of the Dreamcatcher. There is a close up showing charms and beads and the tiny metal rings you use to put the charms and/or beads onto your dreamcatcher. Bring something you like. We should start this about 6pm so you will have plenty of time to work on it.

You are always welcome to bring your project to work on while we are having the class. Hope to see you there.

Show n Tell – April 2019

I did not get all the pretty Show n Tell that we had but I did get most of them. As always the pictures do not show how beautiful they really are.

April 2, 2019 – Chat n Craft

We will have another quilt block handout and hopefully everyone will bring something for Show n Tell. The rest of the evening will be BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) to work on. I will be bringing my counted cross-stitch baby afghan that I am working on. What will you be bringing? We will also discuss our May class on dream catchers so you will know what supplies you will need to bring in May. Come join us for fun, laughter and working on our unfinished projects (UFOs).

Show n Tell – March 2019

We had a no-sew t-shirt tote bag class plus there was time for some of us to work on other projects too.



March 5, 2019 – Chat n Craft Class

Chat n Craft meets the first Tuesday of each month that the library is open. This month is a class on How to Make a no-sew T-shirt Tote bag. If you want to make one during class you will need to bring a t-shirt you are willing to cut up and a sharp pair of scissors or rotary cutter and mat.

We will also have handouts since we are doing a 9 inch quilt block per month and this month it will be Path and Stiles. We will have handouts for how to make half-square triangles, too.

Show n Tell – February 2019

I still missed getting 4 of our 9 patch block pictures taken. Hopefully they will bring them to next month’s meeting and I can get those pictures then. Here are some of the items brought for Show n Tell and some items being worked on during our meeting. The pictures do not do them justice.


February 5, 2019 – Chat n Craft

We will have our 2nd quilt block handout and hopefully everyone will bring something for Show n Tell. The rest of the evening will be BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) to work on.

You might want to start looking over your T-shirts and find one you would like to turn into a tote bag. You will need to bring a T-shirt and sharp pair of scissors to our March CnC class. Remember no running in the library, especially with sharp scissors.

January 8, 2019 – Chat n Craft

Since the Library is closed on January 1st, which happens to be a Tuesday this year, that means our Chat n Craft meeting is January 8th this year. Chat n Craft meets the first Tuesday we are open of each month.

This month is a class on Quilting. We will cover the quilting basics, discuss future blocks and possible ideas that you can choose for your version of this project. It will only be doing one block a month for most of the year and should not take much fabric or time to do them. Those that already quilt might already have all the supplies that you will need. We will not actually do any of the blocks in class. That way you will not need to bring your supplies to the meeting.

If you do not want to participate in the Quilting project, you can always BYOP to class and work on that. We will still have lots of fun and laughter.

2019 Chat n Craft Classes

  We have come up with some classes for the upcoming year and a project that will last almost all year too. None of these should take a long time to complete each one. Nor cost a lot of money to make. If you want to find out details of the classes, come on the month that we are having the class. We list any supplies needed to bring with you for that class on the monthly meeting post here on our website.

This year we have decided to have a “most of the year” project on Quilting. January will have a bunch of handouts on Quilting basics available for those that do not have any experience quilting and we will have a class on quilting and give out the first block instructions. Each month after that we will hand out the next quilt block’s instructions besides whatever else is going on for that month.


January – Quilting Basics and Ideas

February – BYOP (Bring Your Own Project)

March – No-Sew T-shirt Bag

April – BYOP

May – Dream Catcher

June – BYOP

July – Cards

August – BYOP

September – Sweater Mittens

October – BYOP

November – BYOP and discuss next years classes

December – BYOP and UFO exchange

December 4th – Chat n Craft meeting

It is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Project) to work on month. It will be our normal December meeting, those that have come before know what that means. We will discuss more details of next year classes as well.

Plus we will have some craft magazines for .25/each, some craft books for $1./each. Come peruse the selection and buy your favorites before they go on our sale shelf.