These postcard images show the development of Joplin from a scattering of rough mining camps through the mid-point of 20th Century. They provide an indelible image of a city that grew virtually overnight to become the world’s premier supplier of lead and zinc ore. Because of these raw materials, the city also became a transportation hub and still retains the title of The Crossroads of America. In addition to pictures of mines and miners, there are images of Joplin’s extravagantly landscaped parks and public recreation areas as well as souvenir postcards of the little motels and motor courts that sprang up along the path of America’s most famous highway, Route 66. Joplin’s place as the social mecca for the soldiers training at Camp Crowder during World War II (Beetle Bailey’s literal home) is documented in postcards showing the U.S.O. club and other social and recreational venues. Joplin’s grandiose hotels, theaters, and apartment buildings are shown in their glory days.

Without descriptions to give them substance, however, the images would exist in a vacuum, and the Library’s deepest gratitude goes to Leslie Simpson, the director of the Post Art Library. Leslie spent a year and a half researching and writing the narratives that accompany each postcard, and everyone who uses this site even casually will be impressed by the quality of Leslie’s work and the huge amount of information she has provided for all of us.

The postcards were selected primarily from the collections of the Joplin Public Library, with additional cards from the Joplin Museum Complex and the Post Art Library. After starting work on the project, the Library was given the digitization rights to two very large private collections belonging to Rodney Blaukat and Galen Augustus. Bettie Mueller, John Durbin, Jim Krudwig and Jack McMullen also contributed several cards. The generosity of these private collectors has made this project truly amazing in scope and we are most grateful to them. We hope you enjoy this trip through Joplin’s history as presented in postcard form.

Topic Index

Advertising and Marketing
Business and Industry
City and County Government
Connor Hotel
Crystal Cave
Downtown Joplin
Downtown Joplin – bird’s eye views
Federal Government
Fourth Street
Funeral Homes
Grand Falls
Golf Courses
Joplin High School
Joplin Union Depot
Junge Bakery
Keystone Hotel
Lakeside Park
Libraries and Museums
Life Underground
Main Street Looking North
Main Street Looking South
Memorial Hall
Mineral Park
Olivia Apartments
Reding’s Mill
Residential Streets
Restaurants and Bars
Social Organizations
Streams and Rivers
Swimming Pools
Tourist Attractions
Utilities (Public Services)

Subject Index

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy
Alba Thomas House
Alderson’s Livery and Stable
Alfred Rogers House
American Davy Mine
American Laundry Company
Baptist, Presbyterian, and Christian Churches
Baptist Unity Church
Barbee Park
Barber Shop
Bob Cummings Motor Hotel
Bob Cummings Motor Hotel, dining room
Bob Cummings Motor Hotel, pool
Bob Miller’s Restaurant
Brand-Dunwoody Flour Mill
Broadway Building
Byers Avenue Methodist Church
Byers Avenue Methodist Church, interior
Castle Kourts 1
Castle Kourts 2
Castle Motel
Castle Rock
Castle Rock, with horse and carriage
Central Christian Church
Central School
Charles Schifferdecker House
Chat Piles
Children’s Home
Christman Building
Christman Building, interior view
Church of Christ, Scientist
Churchs of Christ, Scientist, double view
Clarketon Hotel
Club Theatre
Coats Tire and Battery Company
Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Colony Inn
Colony Inn, double view
Columbia School
Congregational & Presbyterian Churches, triple view
Connor Hotel 1
Connor Hotel 2
Connor Hotel 3
Connor Hotel 4
Connor Hotel, 1960s
Connor Hotel, advertisement card
Connor Hotel, architectural drawing 1
Connor Hotel, architectural drawing 2
Connor Hotel, color drawing 1
Connor Hotel, color drawing 2
Connor Hotel, lobby
Connor Hotel, lobby colorized
Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave, bird rock
Crystal Cave, corner
Crystal Cave, with stairway
Crystal Cave, with tourists
Cunningham Park 1
Cunningham Park 2
Daylight Mine
Dick and John’s Bar
Dutch’s Top Hat Cocktail Lounge
Eagle-Picher 1
Eagle-Picher 2
Eagle-Picher 3
Eagle-Picher 4
Eagle-Picher 5
Early Joplin motorist
East 7th Street Kourts Motel
East 7th Street Motel
East Joplin Congregational Church
Electricity in the Mine
Elk’s Lodge
Elms Motel
Federal Building 1
Federal Building 2
Federal Building 4
Federal Building, aerial view
Federal Building, with addition (colorized)
Fenix Court
Fifth Street
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church, second building
First Christian Church
First Methodist Church
First Methodist Church, with lawn
First National Bank
First National Bank, 522 Main Street
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church, organ
First Presbyterian Church, second building
First Presbyterian Church, windows
First Street Viaduct 1
First Street Viaduct 2
Fleischaker’s Stores
Flying over Joplin, novelty card
Forney Hotel
Fourth Street – Looking East 1
Fourth Street – Looking East 2
Fourth Street – Looking East 3
Fourth Street – Looking East 4
Fourth Street – Looking East from Sergeant Avenue 1909
Fourth Street – Looking East from Sergeant Avenue 1918
Fourth Street – Looking West
Fourth Street – Looking West from Joplin St
Fourth Street – Looking West, 100 block 1
Fourth Street – Looking West, 100 block 2
Fourth Street – Looking West from the Connor Hotel
Fourth Street – Looking West from the Keystone Hotel
Fourth Street Viaduct
Freeman Hospital
Frisco Building 1
Frisco Building 2
G.W. Keller House
Gottfried & McMillan’s Music Store
Grand Falls 1906
Grand Falls 1907
Grand Falls 1908
Grand Falls 1909
Grand Falls 1940’s 1
Grand Falls 1940’s 2
Grand Falls 1940’s 3
Grand Falls 1970’s
Great Western Clothing House
Greentop Roller Rink
Grocery Store
Ham Radio
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn Ballroom
Holiday Inn, entrance
Holiday Inn, with Mickey Mantle
Horse Thief Postcard
Hydroelectric dams 1
Hydroelectric dams 2
Interstate 44
Jasper County Courthouse (Joplin) 1
Jasper County Courthouse (Joplin) 2
Jasper County Courthouse (Joplin) 3
Jasper County Courthouse (Joplin) 4
Jasper County Courthouse (Joplin) 5
Jefferson School
John Jackson Mine – Wilcox Mines
John Wise House
John’s Bar
Joplin & Pittsburg Railway Company
Joplin Baseball Park
Joplin Business College
Joplin Business College, advert 1910
Joplin Business College, advert 1912
Joplin Business College, interior
Joplin Carnegie Library 1
Joplin Carnegie Library 2
Joplin Carnegie Library 3
Joplin Carnegie Library 4
Joplin Carnegie Library 5
Joplin Carnegie Library 6
Joplin Carnegie Library 8
Joplin Carnegie Library 9
Joplin Carnegie Library 10
Joplin City Hall 1908
Joplin City Hall 1910
Joplin City Hall 1915
Joplin City Hall 1916
Joplin downtown, 1940’s view
Joplin Fire Department
Joplin Fire Department, with eight vehicles
Joplin High School
Joplin High School, first building 1
Joplin High School, first building 2
Joplin High School, first building 3
Joplin High School, first building 4
Joplin High School, first building with park
Joplin High School, second building east side
Joplin High School, second building west side
Joplin High School, third building
Joplin Miners Baseball Park
Joplin Municipal Building
Joplin Overall Company
Joplin Overall Girl 2
Joplin Overall Girl 3
Joplin Souvenir Postcard 1
Joplin Souvenir Postcard 2
Joplin Street
Joplin Street Looking South
Joplin Supply Company
Joplin Tourist Bureau
Joplin Union Depot 1
Joplin Union Depot 2
Joplin Union Depot 3
Joplin Union Depot 4
Joplin Union Depot 5
Joplin Union Depot 6
Joplin Union Depot 7
Joplin Union Depot 8
Joplin Water Works
Joplin, 1905 aerial view
Joplin, 1906 aerial view
Joplin, 1937 aerial view
Joplin, 1938 aerial view
Joplin, 1990 aerial view
Joplin, Mo., aerial view from Interstate 44
Junge Bakery
Junge Bakery & Park, with windmill
Junge Bakery electric sign, Christmas
Junge Bakery electric sign, Easter
Junge Bakery electric sign, Snow White
Junge Bakery parade float
Junge Bakery war Memorial
Junge Bakery, Joplin Avenue location
Junge Bakery, Maden Lane location
Junge Park
Junge Stadium
Just Arrived in Joplin, novelty card
Kansas City Southern Railroad
Keller Wagon Factory
Ken’s Bar
Keystone Hotel 1
Keystone Hotel 2
Keystone Hotel 3
Keystone Hotel 4
Keystone Hotel 5
Keystone Hotel 6
Keystone Hotel 7
Ko Ko Motel
Koronado Hotel Kourts, multiple views
Koronado Kourts
Koronado Kourts, multiple views
Koronado Kourts Motel
Kramer Thomas Reppey Mine
L. Pam Company
Lakeside Park 1
Lakeside Park 2
Lakeside Park 3
Lakeside Park 4
Lakeside Park 5
Lakeside Park 6
Lakeside Park 7
Lakeside Park 8
Lakeside Park, bathing area 1
Lakeside Park, bathing area 2
Lakeside Park, bathing area 3
Lakeside Park, boating 1
Lakeside Park, boating 2
Lakeside Park, boating 3
Lakeside Park, boating 4
Lakeside Park, boating 5
Lakeside Park, boating 6
Lakeside Park, boating 8
Lakeside Park, children’s playground
Lakeside Park, swinging bridge 1
Lakeside Park, swinging bridge 2
Lakeside Park, swinging bridge 3
Lakeside Park, swinging bridge 4
Lakeside Park, swinging bridge 5
Landreth Park
Last Mine
Leaving Joplin, novelty card
Life Underground 1
Life Underground 2
Life Underground 3
Life Underground 4
Life Underground 5
Life Underground 6
Life Underground 7
Life Underground 8
Lincoln Mine
Little King’s Hotel Court 1
Little King’s Hotel Court 2
Log City
Low Water Bridge
Mack’s Drive-in
Madison Motel
Main Street
Main Street bypass on Interstate 44
Main Street Looking North, 400 block 1906
Main Street Looking North, 400 block 1908
Main Street Looking North, 500 block 1909
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1906
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1907
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1912
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1915
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1916
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1918
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1936
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1937
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1939
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1953
Main Street Looking North, 600 block 1962
Main Street Looking North, 700 block 1905
Main Street Looking North, 700 block 1908
Main Street Looking North, 700 block 1909
Main Street Looking South, 200 block 1941
Main Street Looking South, 300 block 1907
Main Street Looking South, 300 block 1908
Main Street Looking South, 300 block 1909
Main Street Looking South, 300 block 1912
Main Street Looking South, 300 block 1925
Main Street Looking South, 400 block 1943
Main Street Looking South, 500 block 1911
Main Street, looking north from the Clarketon Hotel
Main Street, looking south from the Connor Hotel
Main Street, looking south from the Keystone Hotel
Mason Mortuary
Meeker Company
Memorial Hall 1
Memorial Hall 2
Memorial Hall 3
Memorial Hall 4
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Milligan Sheet Metal & Heating Company 1
Milligan Sheet Metal & Heating Company 2
Mineral Park
Mineral Park, snow scene with people
Mineral Park, with floral sign
Mineral Park, with houses
Mineral Park, with path
Miners’ Bank
Miners’ Bank, colorized
Miners’ Bank, with carriages
Miners’ Bank, with trolley
Mining History 1
Mining History 2
Mining History 3
Mining History 4
Mining History 5
Mining History 6
Mining History 7
Mining History 8
Mining History 9
Mining History 10
Mining History 11
Mining History 12
Mining History 13
Mining History 14
Mining History 15
Mining History 16
Mining History 17
Mining History 18
Mining History 19
Mining History 20
Mining History 21
Mining History 22
Mining Jobs Surface 1
Mining Jobs Surface 2
Mining Jobs Surface 3
Mining Jobs Surface 4
Mining Jobs Surface 5
Mining Jobs Surface 6
Mining Jobs Underground 1
Mining Jobs Underground 2
Mining Workforce 1
Mining Workforce 3
Missouri Mule, novelty card
Missouri Southern State College
Moffet Avenue
Moffet Avenue, looking north from 5th Street
Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Hope Cemetery, entrance
Mount Hope Cemetery, water tower
Mount Hope Cemetery, with tracks and lodge
Mount Hope Cemetery, with tracks and lodge colorized
Museum Exhibit of early post office
Naylor’s Tailoring and Dressmaking
Newman Building 1
Newman Building, exterior 2
Newman Building, exterior 4
Newman Building, exterior 5
Newman’s, ladies ready-to-wear department
Newman’s, ladies rest room
Newman’s, men’s clothing department
Newman’s, millinery department
North Main Street Bathing Pool
Norton Garage
Oak Hill Golf Club
Oak Hill Golf Club, double view
Oliver Picher House
Olivia Apartments 1
Olivia Apartments 2
Olivia Apartments 3
Olivia Apartments 4
Olivia Apartments, from Sergeant Ave and Third Street
Oronogo Circle Mine 1
Oronogo Circle Mine 2
Ozark Bible College
Ozark Mountain “Spooklights”
Ozark Playgrounds Association
Patrick Murphy House 1
Patrick Murphy House 2
Plaza Motel
Plaza & Corral Motels
Quick Seven Mine
Rally Day Sunday
Ramada Inn
Rancho Motel 1
Rancho Motel 2
Rancho Motel 3
Reding’s Mill 1
Reding’s Mill 2
Reding’s Mill Swimming Pool
Reding’s Mill Swimming Pool, covered platform
Reding’s Mill, with concrete bridge
Reding’s Mill, with steel bridge
Riviera Motel
Robertson Apartments
Rocket Motel
Roy’s Bar-B-Q
Sagmount Resort
Sagmount Resort entrance
Sagmount Swimming Pool
Sands Inn
Schifferdecker Electric Park
Schifferdecker Golf Course
Schifferdecker Golf Course clubhouse
Schifferdecker Golf Course double view 1
Schifferdecker Golf Course double view 2
Schifferdecker Golf Course water hazard
Schifferdecker Park 2, band stand
Schifferdecker Park 3, promenade
Schifferdecker Park 4
Schifferdecker Park 5, night view
Schifferdecker Park 6, tower at night
Schifferdecker Park 7, tower in the daytime
Schifferdecker Park 8, concert
Schifferdecker Park 9, roller coaster,
Schifferdecker Park 10, roller coasters
Schifferdecker Park camp ground 1
Schifferdecker Park camp ground 2
Schifferdecker Park, gardens 1
Schifferdecker Park, gardens 2
Schifferdecker Park, gardens 3
Schifferdecker Park, gardens 4
Schifferdecker Park, gardens 5
Schifferdecker Swimming Pool 1
Schifferdecker Swimming Pool 2
Schifferdecker Swimming Poo diving platforml
Schifferdecker Swimming Pool wading area
Schifferdecker Swimming Pool with diving board
Schifferdecker Swimming Pool with sign
Schifferdecker Swimming Pool with slide
Schifferdecker Swimming Pool with tower
Scottish Rite Cathedral
Scottish Rite Cathedral with street scene
Second Baptist Church
Seeing Joplin, novelty card
Sergeant Avenue
Sergeant Avenue, looking south from 3rd Street
Sergeant Avenue, looking south from 4th Street
Shoal Creek
Shoal Creek, aerial view
Shoal Creek, low water bridge
Shoal Creek, shallows
Shubert Theatre
Shubert Theatre, left side
Shubert Theatre, right side
Sigars Family and Ox Team
Sigars Ox Team
Snapp’s Carnival
Snapp’s Carnival, night
South Joplin Christian Church
Southern Belle
Spiva Park
Spring River Country Club
Spring River Country Club, boat landing
Spring River Country Club, clubhouse with people
Spring River Country Club, riverside view
St. John’s Hospital
St. John’s Hospital, east side
St. John’s Hospital, with first addition
St. John’s Hospital, with second addition
St. John’s Medical Center
St. John’s Medical Center, aerial view
St. Peter’s Catholic Church
St. Peter’s Catholic Church, entrance
St. Peter’s Catholic Church, exterior
St. Peter’s Catholic Church, interior
St. Peter’s Catholic Church, rectory
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
Star Laundry
Star Tourist Camp
Third Street Viaduct
Thornhill-Dillon Mortuary
Thunderbird Motel
Thunderbird Motel, with pool
Tightwad Mine
Tivoli Courts
Tourist Bureau
Tri-State Mineral Museum
Trolley cars
Trolley car barn
Trolley on West Fourth Street
Twin Oaks Court
U.S.O Club
U.S.O Club, interior
Union Bus Depot
Union Depot
Van’s Court
Villa Motel
Virginia Avenue
Wilder’s Restaurant 1
Wilder’s Restaurant 2
Wingfield Mine
WMBH Radio
YMCA, first building colorized
YMCA, second building
Yellow Dog Mine 1
Yellow Dog Mine 2
Yellow Dog Mine 3
Yellow Dog Mine 4
Yellow Dog Mine 5
Zinc 1
Zinc 2
Zinc 3
Zinc 4

This project has been made possible by a Library Services and Technology Grant administered by the Missouri State Library, a division of the office of the Missouri Secretary of State.