The Klondike of Missouri

This small booklet, published in 1898 by the Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis Railroad Company, paints an enticing and extravagant portrait of Joplin, Missouri, at the turn of the century. Anyone reading this laudatory promotional piece would find himself compelled to go to Joplin and make his fortune. “Men have been made rich at the stroke of a pick, “the author declares, noting that Joplin’s population has “more wealth per capita than in any city in the state.”

The praise heaped on Joplin continues. Its schools are among the best in the state, the climate admirable, the soil rich, the populace well-behaved and orderly, the businessmen energetic and intelligent.

Joplin, in short, was heaven on earth, and the Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Memphis Railroad could take you there in luxury.

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