Connor Brochure

The Connor Hotel was Joplin’s grandest edifice. Constructed in 1906-1908 at the northwest corner of Fourth and Main Streets, it served as the anchor of downtown Joplin for half a century.

Thomas Connor, one of Joplin’s leading citizens, hired the local construction firm Dieter & Wenzel to build the New Joplin Hotel on the site of the former Joplin Hotel. Unfortunately, Thomas Connor died before his magnificent hotel was completed. It was finished, at a final cost of over $750,000, by the Dean brothers of Kansas City. In tribute to the man whose dream it was, the city gave the hotel Connor’s name.

The Connor Hotel opened for business in the spring of 1908. It had 210 guest rooms, several dining rooms and cafes, a barbershop and billiards room, and an extraordinary range of luxurious features. The grand staircase, made of solid white Italian marble, dominated the impressive lobby.

This promotional brochure is not only a hymn of praise to the glories of the Connor Hotel and to the wisdom and imagination of Connor, himself, but it is also an elaborate advertisement for every firm that had a part in the construction of the building and the services it provided.

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