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Within the Library District

Residents of the City of Joplin are entitled to a free library card. The applicant must supply ID and proof of current address. Acceptable as proof of address are: utility bill dated within the last 30 days, computer generated mail with name and address dated within the last 30 days, or current insurance card dated within the last 30 days. Not acceptable as proof of address are: driver’s license, printed check, personal mail, Library cards, rent receipts or lease agreements, voter registration card (unless dated within the last 30 days), and business cards.

Someone who owns property inside the city limits is also entitled to a free card, regardless of the place of residence. A property owner must provide the current property tax receipt and proof of address as listed above.

Those wishing to check if their address is inside the Library District can check at this website.

A JPL library card cannot be used by anyone other than the individual to whom it is issued. If it is lost or stolen, this must be reported to the Library immediately, because the card holder is responsible for all items checked out on that card.

Minors (anyone younger than eighteen) must have a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature on the application, so a parent or legal guardian must be present to obtain a minor’s card.

Outside the Library District

The Joplin Library District is fixed by the limits of the City of Joplin. The Library is financed by a real estate tax on property within the city limits. We are happy to provide service to non-residents, but we must ask those patrons to help pay part of the cost. The $50 JPL fee is based on the average tax paid by a Library District resident. This one time per year fee will cover everyone in your household for check out of all physical and digital materials. You may also select a trial card that you may use for three months for $12.50.

A non-resident student card may be issued to students (K-12) who are enrolled in schools within Joplin for $10 per year. To qualify for this card, a parent or guardian must provide photo ID, proof of address, proof of child’s enrollment, and agree to be financially responsible for items checked out on the student card. Collegiate students residing in student housing at a college or university in Joplin also qualify for a free card.

There is no other place we can think of where you get better value for your money. For the price of one novel or the cost of renting half a dozen videos you can have access to the thousands of books, videos, audiobooks and other library materials in the Joplin Public Library collection. You will also be able to use the Library’s computers. For less than the price of two cups of coffee a week you can have the world virtually at your fingertips.

It costs absolutely nothing to use materials inside the Library building, to access our electronic databases, to ask for reference help or information, or to bring children to storytime. We are very glad that you wish to use the Joplin Public Library and we encourage you to use your Joplin Public Library card often. You won’t find a better bargain anywhere.