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Bargains Galore: The JPL “Sale Shelf”

The Joplin Public Library already offers their community a tremendous value for their dollar with their daily operations, but did you know that the Library also has a place where you can BUY books, magazines, DVDs, and more?

The “Sale Shelf” located on the Eastern end of the main lobby presents our public with a browsable selection of donated and weeded items at hugely discounted prices. Part “bargain shop”, part “garage sale”, all good fun – who can resist the urge to buy a stack of new to you items at prices like these…?

DVD’S $1.00
CD’S   $1.00
Visit us today to shop the sale shelf, no Library card is required. Joplin Public Library accepts cash, cards, and checks. Joplin Public Library also accept donations of new or like new, stain and odor-free materials, just bring them to us at the front desk or call 417-623-7953 to arrange a drop off.

Binge Boxes for DVD-checkout

We are introducing a Binge Box media collection, a new type of material offering that will help maximize the home movie experience for Library users. Binge Boxes are themed collections of DVD titles packaged together for ease and convenience. Each Binge Box contains anywhere from four to six different popular and/or nostalgic DVD titles pertaining to the Box theme. By checking out a Binge Box, Library users will be able to watch multiple movies with just one borrow.

An example of one of the collections is: “‘80s Imagination Movies”; included inside are the following DVD titles: The Goonies, Beetlejuice, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Weird Science, and Ghostbusters. This Binge Box will count as one item and be eligible for a 7-day check-out period with possibility of renewal if the item does not have any other placed holds. There are more than 50 other Binge Box collections for checkout including “This Movie Will Self Destruct,” “Take a Look Under the Hood,” ”Superheroes,” and “The American Military.”

“Our new Binge Box collection makes movie check-out quick and easy,” said Library Director Jeana Gockley. “Select a collection, check it out and enjoy up to six great movies!” This new media collection was purchased using funds awarded through the Lemons Family Charitable Trust, which seeks to provide grants to local charitable institutions. Active Library users may check-out a Binge Box at the Joplin Public Library at 1901 E. 20th Street, during scheduled business hours, or may place a hold on the item using the online catalog found at joplinpubliclibary.org. Curbside pickup for items is also available. For more information about this new offering, please contact Chelsey Gatewood or Jeana Gockley by phone at 417-623-7953 or email at cgatewood@joplinpubliclibrary.org or jgockley@joplinpubliclibrary.org

Since 1902, JPL has been fulfilling the information needs of citizens of Joplin and the surrounding community. JPL offers content to meet the informational, recreational, cultural enhancement and continuing educational needs of the general public.

Resources for Teen Drivers and Their Parents

Working in the library’s Teen Department, I frequently hear from teens (and their parents) about the quest to obtain a driver’s permit.  It can be an exciting and anxiety-ridden time for everyone involved. Unfortunately, formal, school-based driver education programs are virtually non-existent these days.  Fear not–helpful resources are at hand! Even if there isn’t a formal driver education program near you, there are some options for parents and guardians to get teens off to a good start behind the wheel.

Crash-Proof Your Kids: Make Your Teen A Safer, Smarter Driver by Timothy C. Smith is a solid, no-frills tool for adults teaching teens to drive.  Smith arranges the book using the same philosophy as the graduated driver license, each section introducing new skills building on previous mastery and experience.  All of the basics are covered–car care, safety of all sorts, fundamental driving skills, awareness, emergencies, road conditions, residential and highway driving, etc.  The text is clear, concrete, and friendly as is the approach. Smith also addresses parental driving habits and outlines a contract between new drivers and their adults. There are no illustrations, so use this book with other resources for complete instruction.  Whether used in whole or in part, this is a useful option.

Rules of the Road offers, in DVD format, valuable information for teen drivers and their parents.  The factual content is spot on–clear directions and explanations, helpful footage and illustrations, sound reasoning–directly and concisely communicated.  However, the presentation is pure cheesiness–a super duper block of it, in fact. This DVD is an excellent resource though. How then to use it without the trappings overwhelming the message?

One way is to focus on the DVD’s “Special Features” content instead of the main portion of the video.  This supplemental section consolidates key information with clear camera work minus the banter. The chapters “Basic Maintenance”, “In Case of Emergency”, “Signs Index”, and “3D Illustrations” are particularly useful.  “Illustrations” is excellent as it offers computer-animated instruction with some multi-angle viewing options. The “Special Features” alone make Rules of the Road a valuable resource.

Another option is to embrace the cheese.  Watch the full DVD together with a lighthearted approach, tongue-in-cheek; it’s a great opportunity to show a sense of humor and to start a conversation.  The main content provides important instruction in basic vehicle operation, city and highway driving, safety under normal and hazardous road conditions, and expectations for the driver’s license exam.  There is also an thorough discussion of the dangers of impaired driving. Throughout, there are opportunities to jump to related topics in “Special Features” and to take practice quizzes.

A point to consider regarding both the book and the DVD…these tools, while valuable and sound, are a decade old and do not offer the in-depth coverage needed of cell phones as a cause of distracted driving.  Be sure to supplement information on this important topic.

Need to study for Missouri’s written driver permit/license exam?  We have a resource for that, too! Driving-Tests.org is a one-stop study spot.  Among its many treasures is the latest version of the “Missouri Driver Guide: A Guide to Understanding Missouri Motor Vehicle Laws and Licensing Requirements”, the official handbook for driver license information.  Available in PDF, it can be read online or downloaded to an electronic device.  The site’s FAQs are well organized, concise, easy to read, and address the basic questions expected.  But, the practice tests are what make this tool amazing. Questions are arranged in batches according to difficulty and cover material on the actual exam with a separate section for road sign identification.  You can access this tool from the library’s website or directly at https://joplinpl.driving-tests.org/missouri/.

In addition to the previous resources, the library’s Teen Department has partnered with safety organization First Impact to provide a free program for the Joplin area.  First Impact is a statewide initiative of Think First Missouri, part of the University of Missouri School of Medicine, working with trainers from across the state to equip parents and guardians of teens taking the wheel.  First Impact’s presentation is designed to “teach parents about Missouri’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) law” and to “provide them with the tools they need to monitor, coach, and support their new teen driver”.  Although the information is tailored for adults, teens are welcome to come along.

First Impact’s presentation will be held at the Joplin Public Library on Tuesday, November 27, from 6:00-7:30 pm.  Speakers will be Sgt. John Lueckenhoff of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Deana Tucker Dothage, Director of First Impact.  There is no charge to attend, but registration is required.  Register by calling First Impact at (573) 884-3463 or online at https://firstimpact.missouri.edu/events/first-impact-traffic-safety-parent-program-at-joplin-public-library/  For more information, email firstimpact@health.missouri.edu  The event is free, no library card needed.  Register soon to save a seat!