Blood Pressure Monitor

Equate 4000 series upper arm blood pressure monitor

Replacement Cost $28.84

Call to Mind Game

1 gameboard
1 spinner
200 question cards
Feedback sheets

Replacement Cost $49.95

Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning Kit

4 flexible screw-connect rods (3’)
Blockage removal tool + knut, vacuum adapter
Dryer adapter, reducer
Drill adapter
Self-feeding 4” auger brush
Lint trap brush (2 ½” diameter)

Replacement Cost $33.99

Yoga Kit

Yoga mat (1/2″ thickness) + carrying strap
2 yoga blocks
Perfect30 Flow DVD
Black carrying bag

Replacement Cost $63.85

Massage Gun

Massage gun
10 interchangeable heads
Charging cord + wall plug
Instruction manual

Replacement Cost $49.99

Hand Massager

Hand massager
Charging cord + wall plug
Instruction manual

Replacement Cost $99.99

Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy lamp
Charging cord + wall plug
Instruction manual

Replacement Cost $25.99

Mini Exercise Bike

Mini exercise bike
Traction Pad
Instruction manual

Replacement Cost $42.25

Meditation Kit

Zenimal audio player
Charging cord + wall plug
52 stress less & self care cards

Replacement Cost $84.94

Bird Watching Kit

Triumph HD 10×42 binoculars
Glasspak binocular harness
Comfort neck strap
Tethered objective lens covers
Rainguard eyepiece cover
Birds of Missouri field guide by Stan Tekiela
Glasspak harness guide
Binocular manual

Replacement Cost $109.60

Sound Spa

Portable sound machine includes 6 digitally recorded relaxing sounds designed to mimic the natural environment: White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook

Replacement Cost $19.98

Bike Repair Kit

Tire repair kit, 4 sockets, 2 double headed open-ended wrenches, 3 tire pry bars, small screwdriver (phillips), pencil tire pressure gage, adjustable wrench, 2 philips head attachments, 2 flat head attachments, 8 hex L-key allen wrench combo, bike cassette lockring tool, bike crank puller, spoke wrench, chain breaker, bike bottom bracket removal tool, 2 bike hub cone wrenches, cassette removal tool, pedal wrench, C spanner with adjustable hook, bike center shaft removal tool, L-shape extension bar wrench, auxiliary wrench with converter.

Replacement Cost $31.99

Disc Golf Game

6 discs
1 marker

Replacement Cost $45.98

Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaner (with attached power cord)
6″ stair tool
Dirty water tank
Clean water tank (with cap)

Replacement Cost $435.00

Hoover Spotless Portable Cleaner

Spot cleaner (with attached hose and power cord)
Solution tank
Recovery tank
Wash tool
Suction nozzle
Rubber nub tool
Instruction sheet

Replacement Cost $139.54

Ninja Creami

1 motor base (with power cord)
Outer bowl + lid
Deluxe Creamerizer paddle
2 CREAMi deluxe lids
2 CREAMi deluxe pints (24oz)
User manual + 1 quick start guide + 1 recipe booklet

Replacement Cost $212.99

MEternally Great outdoors kit

1 videodisc (101 min.)
40 companion photo and activity cards

Replacement Cost $94.99

MEternally Remember the 70s Kit

1 videodisc (58 min.)
40 companion photo and activity cards

Replacement Cost $94.99