Who gets a card and why?

There is a Joplin Public Library card waiting for YOU

Learn about the types of Library cards, who gets one, and for how much!

Resident Library Card

  • Annual property tax from the residents who live within the city limits of Joplin provide a great deal of the Library’s funding. (THANK YOU JOPLIN!) Due to this, everyone who lives within the city of Joplin gets a “free” JPL Library card. To  apply, you must provide a photo ID. If the ID has your current address, you are good to go. If not, you also need to bring a computer generated piece of recent mail that has your current address listed on it to apply. It is that easy! Apply in the Library (1901 E. 20th Street), or online at joplinpubliclibrary.org

But, what about those who live outside of city limits? The Library has multiple types of “non-resident” cards that are incredibly affordable or completely free! Here is a list:

Non-Resident Library Card

  • Non-resident cards are VERY affordable. If you live outside city limits, none of your tax dollars currently help fund the Joplin Public Library. The application/membership fee amount charged is calculated as the average amount an in-city resident pays to the Library from their annual property tax payment.
    • Non-residents are asked to pay a fee of $50 per year for your whole household. (Only $4.17 per month), OR, an exciting new option is our “trial card” which costs only $12.50 (for your entire household) and is good for 3 months! 

Company Library Card

  • Anyone who operates a business within Joplin city limits qualifies for a FREE Company Library card! (Ownership of the business is not required.) The application must be conducted by the Owner, CEO, Director, or President and then that person and several authorized users can enjoy the benefits of checking out and downloading materials from Joplin Public Library! Any type of material can be checked out with this card.

Student Library Card

  • University or College students residing in student housing in Joplin are eligible for a FREE Library card!
  • K-12 Students who live outside of Joplin city limits, but attend a school in Joplin, qualify for a reduced rate card of $10 per student!
    • Proof of attendance at the school is required (student ID, report card, email from teacher/building, etc).

The powers of the Joplin Public Library card are limitless. With your Library card you can check out popular, interesting, classic, and new release books, DVDs (including films, documentaries, and TV shows), and more! With most card types the item limit is 50 items checked out, at a time, per card! Also, your card can access our Digital Resources – downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, and more – at no additional cost though fun, free, and convenient apps. Additionally, your card can access our Online Databases or expert Librarians for assistance with Job Hunting, Research and Genealogy, Language Learning, Cooking, DIY, and more. 

This is your Library, we can’t wait to meet you and unlock the Powers of a Joplin Public Library card in your life! Come and see us today (20th and Connecticut) or visit us online at joplinpubliclibrary.org. You may also call us at 417-623-7953. 

Joplin Public Library opens tomorrow’s doors today through diverse opportunities to learn, create, explore, and have fun.