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JPL Strategic Plan: 2021-2025

The Joplin Public Library (JPL) has unveiled a new strategic plan effective through the year 2025. The new JPL Strategic Plan describes the Library’s mission, core values, and vision for future success while also identifying key result areas where JPL will direct its energy and resources over the next several years.


Joplin Public Library
Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 1.25.21

The Vision of The Joplin Public Library: Our Library is a welcoming community where learning and connection grow and lives are enriched.

The Mission of The Joplin Public Library: Our Library opens tomorrow’s doors today through diverse opportunities to learn, create, explore, and have fun.

At the Core of our Culture We Value:

  1. Respect

We present civility in all circumstances. 

  1. Relationships

Connections broaden horizons. We are better together than we are alone.

  1. A Heart of Service

We help each other live and experience our Mission.

  1. Kindness & Friendliness

We care about each other and all we serve. We demonstrate empathy and compassion.

  1. Inclusion

We value diversity and the freedom of expression. We provide information without bias or discrimination.

  1. Collaboration and Flexibility

We work together to achieve the best outcomes and believe that adaptability is necessary to grow.

  1. A Safe Environment to Explore

The right to free inquiry prospers at our Library. We also foster a right to imagine and innovate, ask and question, seek and find without judgement.


Strategically, JPL Focuses On These Key Result Areas To Move Toward Our Vision, While Living Our Mission:

Key Result Area: SERVICE 


  • Streamline internal processes to allow ease of access for Library users
  • Establish and implement staff and volunteer training for patron interactions and customer service
  • More fully welcome new Library cardholders

Key Result Area: AWARENESS


  • Craft strategic messages to send out on a scheduled basis, based on audience
  • Evaluate and update current signage and other wayfinding material
  • Train staff, volunteers and trustees on how to more effectively market the Library when offsite

Key Result Area: OUTREACH


  • Create partnerships with local businesses and organizations
  • Library staff and trustees attend Chamber of Commerce events alongside the Library Director
  • Expand services for seniors and long-term care facilities 

Key Result Area: INCLUSION


  • Greet Library users warmly and call people by name
  • Incentivize our loyal users and those who attend Library events
  • Finish forming the Friends group and host a membership drive
  • Encourage people to tell THEIR stories of their Library experiences

Key Result Area: ENRICHMENT


  • Ensure the Library has a broad range of materials available to fulfill most user’s needs
  • Create several informational campaigns about Library offerings and resources 
  • Continue to offer enhanced virtual programming, and when COVID is less of a concern bring back live programming with a renewed focus



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