September 3, 2019 – Chat n Craft

Chat n Craft meets the first Tuesday of each month that the library is open.

Class this meeting is on how to make Sweater Mittens. Supplies you will need to bring with you –

Sweater you are no longer wearing, preferably wool (we will be cutting the sweater up)
marker or pen for tracing
8-10 straight pins
embroidery floss matching the color of your sweater (or yarn)
sewing needle
buttons and additional embroidery floss for decorating, if desired.

We will also have another quilt block handout. October will start the assembly of our quilt.

You are always welcome to Bring Your Own Project to work on. Don’t forget to bring some Show n Tell.

May 7, 2019 – Chat n Craft

Our class is going to be making a small Dream Catcher. Here is a picture showing the supplies that are used –

Notice there are different size metal hoops you can buy. We recommend a 5 or 7 inch for the class so you can get it completed during our meeting. Decide what color you want yours to be and what type of cording, pearl cotton thread, waxed cotton, embroidery floss, yarn, etc that you want to use. You will need a couple of clothes pin during the making of the Dreamcatcher. There is a close up showing charms and beads and the tiny metal rings you use to put the charms and/or beads onto your dreamcatcher. Bring something you like. We should start this about 6pm so you will have plenty of time to work on it.

You are always welcome to bring your project to work on while we are having the class. Hope to see you there.