Put Your Items on Hold

You now have 2 options for placing your Holds.

  1. Log into your account. When you find something you want then Place Request. You will need to select the Pickup Library you want by hitting the down arrow on that line. JOPLIN PUBLIC LIBRARY is the normal Hold. You will come inside to pickup your Hold.
  2. OR you can select 24-7 Lockers. When you select the Lockers you will be able to pick your Holds up at the 24-7 Lockers any time, doesn’t matter if we are open or closed. Once you know your Holds are ready to be picked up you go to the lockers, just to the left side of the Entrance doors. Touch the word Checkout; either scan your library card or type your full card number in (starts with 2334). You will need to know your pin. Once you Accept your items, the locker door will pop open so you can retrieve your items. Close the locker and you can print your receipt and click Finish so the Lockers are ready for the next person to Checkout their items.

If you have any questions about our 24-7 Lockers, please stop at Circulation (to the right after coming through our Entrance, just after the book drop.)