Easy wireless printing at JPL!

Do you have something you need to print? You can print straight to the JPL computer lab printer from your own device! 📲 Printed items are $.10 per page for black and white & $.25 for color.

All you have to do is..

1) Visit Print.Princh.com

2) Enter our Printer ID 105000

3) Select either Black & White or Color print option

4) Upload the file(s) you want to print

5) Adjust qty or “other” for print options

6) Accept the Terms & Conditions, Select “Pay At Desk” & Input a name for use at Pickup

7) Visit the Computer lab to pick up your document at any time during the same day! 

NO LIBRARY CARD REQUIRED! Quick and easy, no more searching everywhere for a printer! Like and share to spread the word! 👍⏩