Easy wireless printing at JPL!

Do you have something you need to print? You can print straight to the JPL computer lab printer from your own device! 📲 Printed items are $.10 per page for black and white & $.25 for color.

All you have to do is..

1) Download the free “Princh” app from your app store. 

2) Open the document/image you would like to print.

3) Click the share icon and select “Print with Princh” (likely near the bottom)

4) Return to the Princh app & enter one of these printer IDs.

Black and white printer code: 103469

Color printer code: 103470

5) Click select this printer, choose print, and pay at location, accept, then continue

6) Drive to Joplin Public Library (1901 E 20th Street) and head to the computer lab to pick up your document!

NO LIBRARY CARD REQUIRED! Quick and easy, no more searching everywhere for a printer! Like and share to spread the word! 👍⏩