September Is...

National Library Card Sign-up Month :

If you don't have a library card, sign-up and get one during National Library Card Sign-up Month- This event is to remind everyone that a library card is the key to limitless opportunities. Signing up a child for a library card is the first step toward lifelong learning and academic success. Sponsored by America's library and the American Library Association this observance began in 1987.

Come into our library any time we are open to sign-up. You can also sign-up during our Groundbreaking on September 12th between 10-12 at 20th & Connecticut, well, except for the actual shovel digging part of the groundbreaking. Hope to see you there.


Find a good book (or audiobook or dvd or cd!) in our online catalog. Check our online calendar for a program of interest to you at YOUR Library.

National Service DogMonth:

National Service Dog Month-  This month long celebration is to honor and call attention to the inspiring work done by guide dogs, military service dogs, and other assistance animals. These animals help their humans perform tasks, accomplish goals, overcome debilitating mental illnesses and safeguard military bases across the country and around the world.