November Is...

National Memoir Writing Month :

Remembering things from the past is what National Memoir Writing Month is about- this month long observance, held alongside National Novel Writing Month, is to encourage you to engage in journaling, memoir-writing and other forms of chronicling your existence‚Äč.

Come into our library any time we are open to sign-up. You can also sign-up during our Groundbreaking on September 12th between 10-12 at 20th & Connecticut, well, except for the actual shovel digging part of the groundbreaking. Hope to see you there.


Find a good book (or audiobook or dvd or cd!) in our online catalog. Check our online calendar for a program of interest to you at YOUR Library.

National Service DogMonth:

One of the first planes taking off from a hill-  This celebration is to explore, recognize and celebrate the great contributions and achievements in the development of aviation.