Displays - Large Case

Post Art Library Mail Art Collection

Please enjoy May's display of Mail ART! This display was comprised of mail received by the Post MAIL ART Projekt 2014 (PMAP). Sponsored by the Post Art Library, PMAP is an ongoing mail art project that's meant to encourage people to correspond creatively via so-called snail mail. But what, exactly, is mail art? Mail art is a movement which consists of sharing small-scale works of art, such as postcards, embellished envelopes, boxes or other packages via the postal service. Generally, the package itself is considered the work of art. For oodles of examples, conduct a brief online search for mail art images. Mail art is open to any and all with an inclination toward participation. To discover current and ongoing world-wide mail art projects, visit www.mailartprojects.blogspots.com.

When will Post Art Library sponsor another project? Although we are not presently making a large mail art effort, send and ye shall receive. But be on the lookout for our next official Post MAIL ART Projekt, which began June 2016. In the meantime, follow Post Art Library and Post Mail Art Projekt on Facebook.